Picturing (The) stories

She creates a new performance for the Art & Urbis festival « La place de l’humain ». The performance takes place in the Théâtre Source in Douala, in Cameroon. Picturing the stories questions elements marking the colonial period in Cameroon. Cameroon was colonised by Germany, England and France, and therefore kept a complex relationship with it’s ex-colonisers. Madame de Sévigné said : « I forgive the past in favor of the futur because it is enlightened by hope. »

Letter to Mme de Grignan (her daughter) on the 15th of september 1680.

In this arrangement, the colors of the german, french, british and cameroon flags have been used : black, red, blue, white, yellow and green.

The action is combined with music (pygmy flute and djembe) which accompanies the movements of the artist and accentuates the tensions beetween the countries.

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