Derrière la mer

This work of art is dedicated to all the women physically or morally abused around the world, more particularly to the victims of North Kivu, DRC. In this installation, the artist offers a poetic vision of resilience which excels violence. It represents a possible utopian solution. The installation consists of three series of 15 draws representing elements of femininity. All the draws are associated with the video and a text inspired by the metaphor of Ovid. In the video, the artist performs a ritual on a deserted beach, with different elements that she places on the sand. In the end, she lies down on the beach whilst she is rocked by the sea’s lullaby. The music is sung by Pygmy women, more specifically initiatory rituals. The usage of this kind of music symbolizes the purification by the sea. The artist creates through shapes, draws and words a new ritual of rebirth in order to continue to live after affliction.

Video installations, draws, texts – 5.26 min.